2016-2017 Fall and Winter Newsletter

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Dear Friends of LAMP,

Warmest greetings in the Lord Jesus.

It was probably in the Fall of 1999 that the meeting took place. Surprising to us, Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of New York, had invited LAMP to an inaugural meeting in the Archdiocese of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities. At one point the Cardinal asked each group represented to share about their Movement. Finding it difficult to think of LAMP as a movement, when it was Lyn’s turn to speak, not knowing what to say, suddenly the words came to her: “LAMP’s ‘movement’ is the beating Heart of Jesus.”

Those descriptive words of LAMP’s “movement” have taken deep root in the lives of the LAMP Missionaries over these years, in our outreaches with the poor. The presence of Jesus is active, one might say a “verb”, not a static presence. As LAMP Missionaries, we daily seek to be united to that beating Heart of Love for the person before us, sensitive to their suffering, confident in the power of His dynamic Presence. There are countless stories of these victorious encounters. A few are contained in this newsletter.

Please be with us in this vibrant witness to God’s healing love through your prayers and financial assistance.

With deep gratitude and one with you in the Beating Hearts of Jesus and Mary,