2017 Spring and Summer Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

In the days of 1917, before the Blessed Mother began to appear to the three children of Fatima, an angel appeared to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, and taught them this prayer, “Jesus, I believe in you, I hope in you, I trust in you, I love you, and I pray for all who do not believe, do not hope, do not trust, do not love.” The angel was expanding their hearts to care for and spiritually help those finding it difficult to live the life of grace. It was only then that Mother Mary came to reveal her beating Immaculate Heart to these little apostles, two of whom are being canonized by Pope Francis during this Centennial Year.

Expanding our hearts to move with the beating Hearts of Jesus and Mary for the poor, who are forgotten and neglected, is the focus of the LAMP Missionaries and yet we are all challenged to have a missionary heart. A few years ago, Pope Francis wrote a document called The Joy of the Gospel. He speaks of the Church being “missionary,” and how she has to go forth to everyone without exception. In para. 48, he states: “But to whom should she go first?” He looks for the answer in the Gospel and concludes: “…above all the poor and the sick, those who are usually despised and overlooked, ‘those who cannot repay you’ (Lk. 14:14).”


These are the persons the LAMP Missionaries specifically seek out. We recently began a new site for the LAMPcafé in the S. Bronx, near a homeless shelter (see photo in newsletter). We need more LAMP Missionaries to serve them! Also, in your kindness please pray for and assist LAMP Sinancially as you are able. We need your support.

With you in the beating Hearts of Jesus and Mary,