2019-2020 Fall and Winter Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

In response to the request of Pope John Paul II, Dioceses around the world were asked to assemble, on a regular basis, the “Ecclesial Movements and New Communities” that have begun in the Catholic Church in modern times. We were quite surprised when Cardinal O’Connor, then Archbishop of New York, invited LAMP Ministries to be one of the ten Movements he invited in 1999, to be part of the Archdiocesan Council of Movements and Communities. At that first gathering, Cardinal O’Connor asked each group to share about their Movement. Never having thought of LAMP as a “Movement,” Lyn and I didn’t know what to say. But when it became Lyn’s turn to speak, the words clearly came to her: “LAMP’s ‘movement’ is the beating Heart of Jesus in His compassion for the poor.”

Those words, that reality, has become the cornerstone of LAMP’s spirituality and awareness, as LAMP Missionaries seek out the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten, to remind them of God’s ever-present love. This Holy Heartbeat of Jesus is an active presence in each of us, seeking to draw us into an ever-greater intimate relationship, and transforming us to grow in love for each other and all others. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t end. In LAMP it begins within the Community of LAMP Missionaries, as we pray together, serve one another, seek to grow in holiness together, play together, nurture the presence of Jesus in our midst. It is that presence of Jesus that will overWlow to those in need whom we serve in the shelter, the hospital, the detention center, on the street, and help them to experience God’s healing and merciful love through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, maybe for the Wirst time. We pray that as you read the witnesses contained here, you will become more aware of the dynamic Heartbeat of Jesus’ love within you.

Respectfully one with you in His service,