Choosing Life Means Choosing Joy

As we stood on the street counseling outside the Planned Parenthood, a woman approached who appeared to be in her 30’s. I’ll call her Tanya. I offered her a pregnancy resource pamphlet and she took it without as much as a glance toward me. She appeared sad and proceeded to enter the building. I continued to watch her through the glass doors.

She stopped in the middle of the hall when she read the words on the front of the pamphlet, “Pregnant? Worried? We’ll help!” She turned back and looked at me through the doors with almost a look of longing, but proceeded on to the elevator. I knew in that moment that she must indeed be pregnant and I began praying to the Blessed Mother to intercede for her.

About 15 minutes later I saw her exit the building and stand to wait for the bus. I approached her again asking if she would like a rosary. She said yes and I asked her if she knew anyone who was pregnant. After a bit of beating around the bush, she admitted that she was pregnant but already had a 4 year old at home and didn’t feel like she could handle another baby right now.

She was considering having an abortion because “it’s still so little.” We spoke at length and though she was clearly uncertain and afraid, I could tell by the way she was speaking that she really didn’t want to have the abortion; she just felt it was the only way.

She walked with me over to the Expectant Mother Care (EMC) where I put her in touch with the loving nurses and counselors who provide support and pro-life care for women.  I told her that I would be praying for her. She sheepishly looked at me right before I left and asked, “Will you be mad if…you know…if I choose to…” I gently grabbed her hands, looked her lovingly in the eye and told her, “You won’t. You won’t because you know that abortion is wrong. You deserve so much better. You are a beautiful mother and God is with you and will give you all you need. You can do this.” I gave her a hug and left, leaving her in our Lord’s hands.

— — —

About a month later, another missionary and I were leaving the Planned Parenthood site after a day of counseling. As we crossed the street we saw a joyful woman recognize us and throw her arms open in joy.

“Tanya?!” I exclaimed. She ran over and gave both of us a bear hug. She was RADIATING joy.

“How far along are you now?” I asked her.

“8 weeks, thank God, 8 weeks.”

She showed us her ultrasound pictures and we prayed together. She prayed that women considering abortion would choose to keep their babies so that they can know the same joy that she does.

It is true: choosing life means choosing joy. Tanya experienced this first hand and we pray that each woman would have the chance to know the joy that life brings like she now does. 

Hailey Megge, LAMP Missionary

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