Keep Our Eyes on Jesus

Recently, another missionary and I went to a juvenile detention center in the South Bronx to lead a Bible study for any interested youth. Since it was the first time LAMP missionaries were serving there in a few years, we didn’t know how many attendees we would have. We were delighted when two young menContinue reading “Keep Our Eyes on Jesus”

Celebrating the Life of Lyn, Part II

The precarious language of nature settles in our small talk as leaves shrivel their colors and holiday decorations make their early debut in stores. Halloween costumes are saved for next year’s inspirations or discarded with little to no attachment. And as the Big Apple shines the spotlight on Christmas, the Catholic Church is earnestly prayingContinue reading “Celebrating the Life of Lyn, Part II”

Choosing Life Means Choosing Joy

As we stood on the street counseling outside the Planned Parenthood, a woman approached who appeared to be in her 30’s. I’ll call her Tanya. I offered her a pregnancy resource pamphlet and she took it without as much as a glance toward me. She appeared sad and proceeded to enter the building. I continuedContinue reading “Choosing Life Means Choosing Joy”

Celebrating the Life of Lyn, Part I

As the anniversary of her passing on to eternal life came closer (9.20.2018), the idea came to my mind to honor Lyn. In my months being a LAMP Missionary, although I never met her, I have come to know Lyn through her writings, audio recordings, videos, and her influence on others. I hope to shareContinue reading “Celebrating the Life of Lyn, Part I”

Authenticity & Christ

For most of my life, I have had a tendency to be a chameleon when I am around others—whether it is by responding “yes” to social outings to avoid being the minority or chuckling to jokes that I don’t understand, so I can avoid being perceived as clueless. These learned social strategies have helped meContinue reading “Authenticity & Christ”

The Desert: An Invitation to Belovedness

As the 40-day journey of Lent comes to a close and we enter more deeply into the Passion of our Lord in anticipation of His Resurrection, we still find ourselves globally in a quarantined desert of the coronavirus. I’d like to say a word about this desert time of quarantine. It is not a timeoutContinue reading “The Desert: An Invitation to Belovedness”

Knowing Christ in His Wounds

For so many of us who have encountered the person of Jesus Christ, the deepest desire of our hearts is to be able to know Him more. However, we know from experience that He is not always easy to identify.  Stories from Scripture attest to the fact that Jesus’ own disciples struggled to identify HimContinue reading “Knowing Christ in His Wounds”

Taste & See the Goodness of the Lord

Here am I, ending my 6 months with the LAMP missionaries, ready to enter in a new chapter of this sabbatical time which has been granted to me by my Community. The only word which comes to my heart is GRATITUDE, gratitude for the goodness of the Lord which has been so tangible each dayContinue reading “Taste & See the Goodness of the Lord”

Breaking of the Bread

While it is essential to know more ‘about’ Jesus concerning the many Gospel details of His life, passion, death, and resurrection, the individual pursuit of such biographical knowledge alone doesn’t necessarily mean that we will intuitively know at once who Jesus ‘is’ in our lives. Really getting to know Jesus exacts something more intimate fromContinue reading “Breaking of the Bread”