Celebrating the Life of Lyn, Part II

The precarious language of nature settles in our small talk as leaves shrivel their colors and holiday decorations make their early debut in stores. Halloween costumes are saved for next year’s inspirations or discarded with little to no attachment. And as the Big Apple shines the spotlight on Christmas, the Catholic Church is earnestly praying for the holy souls.

The month of November is a treasure in our Church because we are dedicating a month for all people who have passed on to the next life. We can remember loved ones who are no longer living and, as a Body of Christ, we offer up our prayers for them. Last week at LAMP’s weekly gathering, we dedicated the Rosary to all missionaries and loved ones who have passed away. Our Blessed Mother embraces individual souls each “Hail Mary” bead at a time. How can we not think of Lyn during this month? Especially because her birthday fell on Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11).

Eternal rest, grant unto them and let perpetual shine upon them…

Her husband Tom has a difficult time imagining that Lyn had completed her mission while she was alive, especially with LAMP Catholic Ministries. Tom tenderly describes her heart for the poor: “That was so very much a part of who she was…. LAMP’s mission and vision was at the core of her being – the spiritual support of those in need – which was so very often lacking in society’s care for the poor.” Similar to St. Therese’s promise to the world (“I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens; I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth”), Lyn continues to be co-Director of LAMP but now outside of time and space. 

Tom shares that Lyn “had great compassion for the suffering and the poor, and passion for their knowing that they are loved by the Lord…” Through her intercession, we can enter deeper and deeper into God’s compassion and mercy for the marginalized in the world. Lyn’s concern for the poor is now lifted up to God in a new way. We are confident that her intercession spiritually benefits LAMP’s ongoing mission and service to the poor.

Jesus invites us to be at one with his longings and all of his loving attributes. We can reflect on Lyn’s vocation as a wife, mother, Co-founder of LAMP, and missionary. The Heart of Jesus was drumming in the interwoven layers of her life. To be at one with his longings…what does Jesus long for? Lyn knew that Jesus needed to be loved in the poor and forgotten. As we remembered her on her birthday and in the month of holy souls, let us ruminate on the longings that rest on Jesus’ Heart because we can begin to long for what he longs.

-Alexandra Henry, MSW, Admissions Counselor and Missionary

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