Keep Our Eyes on Jesus

Recently, another missionary and I went to a juvenile detention center in the South Bronx to lead a Bible study for any interested youth. Since it was the first time LAMP missionaries were serving there in a few years, we didn’t know how many attendees we would have. We were delighted when two young men joined us. We made introductions and then began the Bible study.

We chose the passage from Matthew when Jesus walks on water and invites Peter to come to him, and Peter says, “Lord, save me!” when he begins to sink. After reading the passage aloud two times, we asked a few questions to help the teens reflect and enter into prayer. We read it a third time and invited the teens to share what came to mind. One young man chose not to share, but the other man expressed that he connected with Peter in this passage when Peter cried to Jesus, “Lord, save me!”

The young man continued to explain that he’s done some bad things being out in the street and it’s thanks to God that he is still alive. He hopes to be discharged from the youth center soon and he wants to do better in the future. At times he may feel overwhelmed with what’s ahead of him, but he feels like he can trust Jesus to pull him up when he begins to sink. After sharing ended, we asked the young men if they wanted to pray for anything. The two of us missionaries planned to lead the prayer, but the young man who shared asked if he could lead the Our Father. Of course we said yes, so the teen led us in the prayer that Jesus taught us.

What was even more encouraging than this young man desiring to lead the group in prayer was that when a guard came into the room and asked him if he wanted to go to dinner now or later, the young man ignored the guard and continued praying until he completed the Our Father. The two of us missionaries were impressed and edified by the amount of faith and trust this young man demonstrated in the face of his uncertain circumstances.

This young man’s demonstration of faith is a testimony to all of us that Jesus will most certainly save us when we begin to sink into choppy waters as long as we keep our eyes on Him and cry out for help.

-Brooke, LAMP Missionary

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